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Benefits of Membership

The AFTOA endeavours to help connect, develop, and support fire training officers and instructors so they may best provide training for their organization and its members.  


Through our membership services, we strive to:

  • To make available technical information, resources and guidance with the goal of improving education province wide

  • To promote, inform and advise on uniform training practices for the Fire Service

  • To encourage the development of consistent fire service performance standards

  • To study, advise or advocate on areas of mutual interest to the Fire Service, particularly in the field of training

  • To act as liaison on training matters with other associations, in keeping with the best interest of the Province and the regions served


We are continually developing valuable services for you and your municipality through educational directives, inventive and effective communications, networking opportunities, peer and research support, discounts on services through industry members/partners and a voice to influence political decisions and policies that impact the fire service.




Regular Membership ($100 for 2019)

Regular membership of the Association shall be a volunteer, paid on call, composite, or full time organized municipal, provincial, or federal operated fire department.

Unlimited training officers and instructors may be added to a regular membership, so long as the individual’s role includes providing fire service training within the organization, and they are supported by the Fire Chief/Director.

Membership Renewal (Regular or associate)

Existing members may renew by simply clicking on the “Your Account” button in the lower right corner. Click “Join new plan” and select your plan (regular or associate) in the dropdown menu. Then you will be prompted to make your payment.

Associate Membership ($75 for 2019)

Associate membership is intended for our partners in training, such as educational institutions, industrial or private organizations, as well as individuals whose department is not registered as a regular member.

Associate members have all the same access and benefits to the association as regular members, with the exclusion of having a vote on directional or substantial matters of the association.